Clinicians Call

When a popular local physician committed suicide some years ago, it sent shock waves through our professional community.

It also did something more. It opened our eyes to the fact that even well trained medical professionals like ourselves face daily pressures at home and on the job that can push some to the breaking point. The tragic loss of such a well-respected practitioner came with little or no warning, and that fact alone should compel some level of self-examination. It also is one of the driving points behind the creation of Clinician’s Call, a website where our community of dedicated professionals can go to read and discuss the critical issues we confront every day.

Frankly, it’s about time. In speaking with colleagues around the country, it seems clear that for most of us our practice presents awesome new challenges seldom faced by our predecessors.

Jobs, finances, relationships – our clients are under enormous stress in virtually every aspect of their lives. And this places an ever-increasing burden on us as healers. At the end of a pressure-packed day, where can we go to find the help and support we need?

Click right here to read the Clinician’s Call newsletter, as it is a place where you can gain vital insight and support, while forming healthy connections with professional who face the same challenges, pressures and demands that confront all of us on a daily basis. This newsletter will provide clinicians with helpful information to enrich their professional and private lives.

The Clinician’s Call is a support group of a new and different kind. You are invited to participate in exchanging valuable information, and we would appreciate your input, and suggestions.

Please feel free to click here to contact us or call us directly at (661) 250-3323.