The right psychotherapist can help lead to a brighter, more fulfilling life, and for more than 25 years Leslie Roman, Ph.D., has been helping people struggling with depression and other debilitating emotional conditions live a life full of hope for a future that once seemed out of reach.

Then came Covid-19 and Dr. Roman added new alternative therapies, in addition to her expertise in clinical psychology, which helped ease the burden caused by the overwhelming pandemic.

An expert in psychodiagnostic analysis and the creation of effective treatment options, Dr. Roman’s extensive psychological testing platform includes Clinical Psychology Consultations, Bariatric Surgery Evaluations, Recommendations for Top Surgery Evaluations, Independent Medical Examinations, Spinal Cord Stimulation Candidacy (for pain management), and Disability Determination Consultative Examinations.

Her career as an educator, therapist and facilitator also has helped to provide guidance for primary care physicians in the treatment of their patients.