Covid Enlightened Coping

Heal your disease

Heal your body

Dr. Leslie’s nontraditional approach to illness targets the trauma created by Covid-19, offering a lifetime of wellness. Her healing program features a blend of Western and Eastern medicines.

Curative Music: Sound Bath Healing

Reiki and the Power of Touch



What They Say

Olga C.

“It was so nice to fall asleep and be so relaxed. Thank you! Reiki and sound bath were wonderful as usual!”

Liz F.

Does long distance Reiki work? Absolutely. It requires you to be open to the healing energy of the person who is guiding you through this process, and for you to accept responsibility to take an active part in your healing. This is my experience with Dr. Leslie as she performed long distance Reiki on me. I was in need of long-distance Reiki because I was stressed out, tired of being tired, complaining about everything I had no control over, insecure and exhausted. Dr. Leslie prayed for me, sending positive healing energy, allowing me to let go of what I was holding onto that was making me tired. I envisioned myself as the person who I wanted to be, and I remembered the person that I was, the qualities that I valued about myself. I now feel less anxious, more open, more vulnerable and stronger to express my thoughts and feelings, way more energetic, less controlling, happier and more peaceful. Dr. Leslie was the right person for me, and until you try it for yourself my words are just words. It’s amazing.

Shambi H.

“Thank you Dr. Leslie. You take the extra step and make your patients experience personal, and professional care. You made me feel that you are truly concerned with my well being.” 

Mark J.

“Dr. Roman provided welcome advice and comfort at a time when I was in desperate need of both. I greatly benefitted from her approach, which is not to give you answers but rather to help you find them on your own. She is intelligent, professional, and extremely compassionate – qualities one hopes for in a psychologist.”  

The Antidote to Illness

Living mindfully and purposefully